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Student travel awards from the Bertil Swedmark Fund

For the participation in the 16th edition of the International Meiofauna Conference, held from 3 to 8 of July 2016 at the Aquila Atlantis Conference Centre, in Heraklion, Crete, students can apply for a travel award from the Swedmark Fund.

This fund was originated from a bequest of Dr. Bertil Swedmark, to encourage the study of meiofauna amongst students. Recently the fund is fueled on a triennial base by the traditional Raffle held during the Meiofauna Conference dinner. Participants are invited to bring souvenirs from their country (beers, chocolates, mugs...) or from their university or institute (t-shirts, ...) and donate them to the raffle. At the symposium dinner, participants can take part in the raffle and have the chance to win one or more of the souvenirs.

The international association of meiobenthologists together with the organizers will be able to provide 10 Swedmark Travel Awards of 300€ to 10 master or PhD students.

Candidates for these awards should provide a motivation letter (max 1 page) and a CV until the 1st of May 2016 ( The 10 students with best letters and CV will be awarded. The awarded students should attend the meeting presenting their research by means of a poster or an oral presentation.

Important info

When? Before 1st of May


  • motivation letter (max 1 page)
  • CV

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