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Keynote Lecture 4

Evolving Paradigms: The History of Meiofaunal Research

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Professor Richard Warwick
Research Fellow
Plymouth Marine Laboratory, UK
Adjunct Professor
Murdoch University, Western Australia

Brief Biography of the Speaker: Richard Warwick obtained a PhD in 1968 from the University of Exeter, UK, for work on the taxonomy and ecology of freeliving nematodes from the Exe estuary, and was awarded a DSc from that university in 1984.  His early post-doctoral work at the Dove Marine Laboratory, University of Newcastle, involved work of offshore nematodes and also macrobenthos.  He moved to the Institute for Marine Environmental Research (now Plymouth Marine Laboratory) in 1972 where he became head of the Marine Biodiversity section, working on the ecology of a variety of marine taxa, including meiobenthos, particularly in collaboration with Prof. Bob Clarke on aspects of environmental impact assessment.  He retired from PML in 2001 but continued as a Research Fellow there and also as an Adjunct Professor at Murdoch University, Western Australia, where he is working with colleagues on the comparative ecology of macrotidal and microtidal estuaries.