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Keynote Lecture 3

Meiofauna Matters: The Roles of Meiofauna
in Benthic Ecosystems

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Dr. Michaela Schratzberger
Science Leader of the Environment & Ecosystems Division, Cefas
Lowestoft, UK

Brief Biography of the Speaker: Dr. Schratzberger started working with meiofauna in 1992 as student at the University of Hamburg (Germany) studying the effects of beach nourishment on meiobenthos. In 1995, she came to the Plymouth Marine Laboratory (UK) as a PhD student, using laboratory experiments to investigate the effects of disturbance on nematodes. She has subsequently been studying meiofauna in wider ecological contexts, initially as post-doc at the University of Bangor (UK) and since 1999 as senior ecologist at the Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science (UK). Her current research involves multidisciplinary studies assessing the effects of environmental change on marine ecosystems. She is also a scientific advisor to the UK government on its national network of Marine Protected Areas.