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In the latest years many mentions have been made about the Cretan diet and the Mediterranean diet. Therefore, it is now well known that the cretan diet is not only aromatic and tasteful, but also extremely healthy. The food has already taken the right place in the Greek culture, equivalent to the monumental identity. The most important product, that gave so much credit to the Cretan diet, is the virgin olive oil. The contribution of the local wine, vegetables, meat, dairy products (feta cheese, gruere) is also significant.

The modern dietology considers the cretan diet and the cretan way of life as the reason for long living and good health. Most of the international researches bring Crete forward as the example of the mediterranean diet. Since the suggestion that the residents of the island have the lowest mortality rates internationally and the less heart attacks or cancer diseases, scientists started searching for the identity of the cretan diet that gives Cretans all these health privileges. But very soon it was obvious that it was all about a story well hidden in the past. That means it isn’t a result of a research by some scientists but a biological experiment that lasts thousands of years!